Why Open an Account?

An account gives you powerful mobile messaging tools suitable for most mobile marketing needs.

There are several accounts types, suitable for different needs

  • Start your own mobile marketing business with a Reseller Account. Contact Us for full details.
  • Market your existing business using a Business Level account
  • Or, open a FREE or Personal Account simply to send SMS's and Multimedia to friends mobiles phones
  • Click here to see account level features/costs

Your account makes it easy to market directly to your customers' & clients' mobile phones, while automatically generating new contacts for future promotions.

Click here for a tour & screenshots of the members account features.

Main Features

CREATE and manage multimedia mobile promotions (e.g. Mcards)

PUBLISH your promotions online for Direct to Mobile downloads

SEND your promotions directly to existing customers and subscribers mobile phones

Send standard text mobile messages/promotions

Built in compliance with easy opt-in/out & message signature functionality

Automatic multi-level affiliate & referral tracking


Some Benefits of Having an Account

  • Create a mobile marketing business, or use to promote your existing business
  • Get new customers & automatically create/increase your customer database
  • Lower your marketing costs, increase effectiveness
  • Save time, create/send promotions whenever it suits you
  • Easier than printed advertising
  • Increase Sales
  • Promotion always with customer - on their mobile phone
  • Increase traffic for existing websites
  • High response rate
  • Easy to use
  • Viral marketing - can be easily passed on
  • No wasted paper!

Try a free account. Once you open an account there are just just a few easy steps and you have a fully functional mobile marketing system at minimal cost.