Member's Website

  • Automatically generates subscriptions/contacts for you
  • Very easy to set-up and maintain
  • Publish your Mcards/promotions, and have Direct to Mobile downloads for your visitors
  • Publish a digital membership card and/or business card along with promotions, coupons, photos and any multimedia
  • Can be used to promote your existing websites & increase Google and search engine rankings
  • Automatically creates an affiliate network

Setup your Members' Website with Direct to Mobile downloads

Depending on your needs, you can create a simple site in just a few minutes to advertise any business, or set-up a complete mobile marketing business where you can sell Mobile Promotions and/or websites to other businesses and their customers. Contact Us to find out more.

When visitors download Mcards from your site to their mobile phones you automatically build a 'subscriptions' database.

Your site has many advanced features, but is also easy to get started in just a few minutes. It comes with your own unique web address (e.g., or with our professional package a full domain name with extra features and support. Choose from existing layout templates, or more advanced users can create any layout they choose.

You can add/remove any Mcards, create categories and even add a digital membership card for your customers.



Member's Website Summary

  • View Visitor Statistics
  • View Mcard Downloads Statistics
  • Edit Your Content
  • Choose Which Mcards to Show
  • List your page in the directory


Easily Edit/Update Your Content

  • Simple page editor built in
  • Copy and Paste from the web or your MS Word documents
  • Embed images and other media


Choose Mcards to Publish

  • Add/Remove Mcards from your Website
  • Choose to show your Business Card, Customer's Membership Cards
  • Sales accounts can show their Affiliate Cards


Automatic Member/Customer Database

  • Simple, effective Opt-In customer database generation
  • Built in 'membership card' functionality
  • When someone downloads any of your Mcards/promotions, they automatically appear in your address book (if they do not choose to 'opt-out')
  • Simply Login to your account, and see your new customer/contact details