Promoting Your Business

How to use your account to:
  • Easily build a customer database
  • Gain new customers
  • Send promotions to customers

You have opened an account and are now just a few simple steps away from having a complete & powerful marketing system for your business. You can get tremendous value from your account, but you have to use it!

Set-Up Checklist

Following are the basic steps to getting set-up. Once set-up, you can then easily run mobile promotions effectively whenever it suits you. Please read this whole page.

STEP 1: Create or order a digital businesscard (it identifies you) & optionally a digital membership card for your customers

STEP 2: Setup your Member's Website

STEP 3: Add/import any existing contacts (read futher down for how to automatically build a contact list)

STEP 4: SEND your digital businesscard to all your existing contacts

You are now set-up and ready to go! Its easy to run promotions, and expanding your business.

Run Your 1st Campaign/Promotion

To run a multimedia campaign, you will need to create an Mcard for it. Then simply send it to your customers.

Running text campaigns are simple, and straight forward. Simply decide on what you want to promote, create the message and send to your contacts.

Generating New Contacts

Your Website shows your promotions (offers/specials/coupons/ads) ready for customers to download directly to their phone. When they do, their phone number/name appear in your contacts list, ready for when you send your future direct promotions/adds/offers. So all you have to do is promote your site, and it will automatically generate actual names/numbers of customers.

How to Easily Get Customers Into Your Contacts List

There are several effective approaches. We recommend the following:

1) Digital Membership Card

The best approach is to have a digital membership card on your site that people can download to their phone. Simply tell your customers to get their membership/VIP card from your site (to be included in future promotions, offers..). When they download it to their phone, they are now a member and are in your contacts list for future promotions. Now you can send promotions/vouchers direct to them e.g. ‘show your membership card this friday to get 10% off'

2) Traditional Card + Web Address

We have designed a ‘traditional’ paper card that promotes your business and Web Site. The key is, it has to give a reason to the customer to visit: e.g, ‘get your free membership card and download discount coupons at:’. Simply hand this card to every customer, and your contacts list will automatically grow.

3) Leave Contact Details

You can use this paper card to get your customers details. On the back of the card it has: [Name: & Mobile Number: ] so your customers can simple fill it in and leave it in your shop. Then you simply add their details yourself to your list. Have a stand that says ‘Get Your Free Membership Card’.

4) Have a PC in Your Shop

It is easy and a very effective way to promote your business in-store, and get repeat customers. Simply have your website open which automatically has all your current promotions on it. Your customers can download your membership card or promotions directly to their phone in-store, and you get their details. You also generate new sales as your in-store customers can see your specials.

5) Import Existing Customer Records

If you have existing customer records, you can easily import them into the system by using our industry standard CSV import feature.

6) Business Directories

Automatically get new customers from our Local Businesses Directories. The directory generates many new customers looking for local businesses and promotions. Just by listing in the directory, you will attract new customers to your site. Your business-card identifies you in the directory. Due to there being many businesses in the directory, it generates significant traffic. Additionally, we promote local area groups where businesses have their own directory for targeted local advertising. Contact your representative to participate.

7) Google and Search Engines

We advertise in the most popular search engines such as Google & Yahoo. Our sites rank high due to the large number of businesses using the system. As a result, more customers looking for your products or services will find you. If you already have a web site, your Member's Website complements it perfectly, and can even be integrated.

How Do I Actually Run Promotions?

Digital advertising is cost effective, easy and environmentally friendly. However, you still need to get NEW customers contact details. Now that you have an effective digital marketing system, your traditional advertising can be geared towards getting potential customers to your site (and your business of course) so you can get their contacts details for future direct promotions.

Traditional + Digital Advertising = 5x More Effective

If you are running a traditional advertisement, you can easily provide additional details on your site. You add could also say, for example ‘get your 10% discount coupon at:’ to give your customers an incentive to visit your site. The most valuable information you can get is your customers phone number, and when they download your coupons or any of your digital promotions, they are automatically in your contacts list.


Run a Full Promotion In Your Coffee Break!

Gone are the days when it takes days or weeks to plan a promotion. Now it only has to take 5 minutes, and can be far more effective.

Example: ‘Free Drink with every purchase tomorrow. Show your digital members card. Visit for full details’