For each message sent to a mobile phone, credits are deducted from your account according to delivery method:

Delivery MethodA2SMS / TextWAP link ¹ MMS ²
Credit ValueA2 112

¹ Sends Mcard as a WAP (web) link to the user's phone

² Send Mcard directly to phone using MMS. The receiver phone must have MMS enabled.


Website Download to Mobile

Credits are deducted from your account when someone downloads an Mcard directly to their mobile phone from your Website. They are restricted to downloading it a maximum of once per day. The credit value depends on the chosen delivery method (see table above).

Reverse SMS Codes

If using the Reverse SMS feature, each time somone uses the code to download your Mcard to their phone, 1 MMS (2 credits) is deducted from your account to send the card.

'SMS Me' Feature

If you enable the SMS Me feature on your Website, 1 credit is used each time someone sends you a message from your site.

Note: if you have message credits expiring on different dates, the credits that are set to expire earliest will be debited first.