Gain an Edge with a Business MCard and Account

The Mobile Business Card (MCard) is a powerful marketing tool. It is complementary to your existing business card and has many advantages.
  • Never run out of cards. Its always with you on your mobile phone.
  • Its always available online and can be downloaded directly to your clients/customers mobiles
  • It automatically builds a contact list for you. Every time someone downloads your card - they are listed in your address book
  • Its new, novel and unique and helps you stand out from the crowd
  • Your customers can easily pass it on to others multiple times - the best form of marketing
  • Its much easier to keep on you than business cards
  • Send via Mobile, Web or Email

Look What Else You Can Do!

The Business MCard is a cost effective and valuable tool in itself. Every Business MCard comes with an online MCard account with some powerful features that make it far more valuable:


  • Your own webpage with your MCard(s) and features such as Download to Mobile, SMS Me, Google Map and more
  • Already have a website? No problem - the MCard integrates into it - and your MCard webpage can be used to drive traffic to your existing site.
  • Your business gets listed in local business directories and on Google driving new clients and customers to you.
  • Run quick, easy cost effective marketing campaigns at any time using your account. Send regular SMS/Texts or rich multimedia promotions to groups or individuals

Ok - How to Get Setup

Contact us to get started - or Sign up for a free account instantly. We can create your custom Business MCard in a few days.

Remember, in order to maximize the value of your MCard and account you have to use them!